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PowerBook 5300 Tour: “They’re Really Fast!”

This is worth a view if you are having a nostalgia moment. The youngest 5300 is now eleven years old, and it is no speed demon by today’s standards. Heck, it wasn’t even a speed demon amongst its contemporaries. But that didn’t stop Apple from touting their speed, multimedia capabilities, or other advanced features.


Go ahead! Download the tour, and give it a run. It’s about 2.6 MB. Sorry, it’s a Classic only application. And on my box, it set 256 colors but didn’t set the display back to millions. Get it here.



2 Responses to “PowerBook 5300 Tour: “They’re Really Fast!””

  1. Anonymous Freak Says:

    heh. It took a lot of effort to get this onto my PowerBook 5300. The zip file didn’t help, but I finally re-compressed it as a StuffIt file, hosted it on my AppleShare IP 5.0 server, and used iCab to download it over WiFi.

  2. alk Says:

    Good point about the zip file. I created the archive on OS X Tiger, so the zip file needs to be opened on a machine running Panther, Tiger, Leopard, or whatever comes next to properly preserve the resource fork. Sorry about that.

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