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Let’s kick Intel’s ass!

Remember when the PowerPC was the processor to beat? Back in the mid/late 90s, the PowerPC showed a lot of promise. In fact, it claimed bragging rights to being the first mainstream desktop processor to get to 300MHz.

But these were dark times for Apple. Clone makers were eating Apple’s lunch. Apple licensed Mac OS (and Motorola and IBM licensed PowerPC chips and reference boards) to expand the installed base of Mac OS compatible PowerPC computers by eating away at the Windows/Intel market share. They hoped clone makers would market their boxes to PC users and be able to capture new business. Instead, the clone makers competed directly with Apple for the existing Mac users without capturing much if any new business. And Power Computing was completely annihilating Apple with machines that out-performed Apple’s at lower prices.

Power Computing had some pretty creative advertising. Unfortunately, they did less “fighting back for the Mac” and more biting the hand that fed them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of the old propaganda.

I grabbed the following images from the web archive of the old PowerWatch website. Enjoy!

Flag Bearer Sluggo Soldier Billy

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